Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat

Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat



The Ministry of Health has the task of carrying out government affairs in the health sector to assist the President in administering the country's government.

Legal basis

PMK No.5 of 2022


Based on PMK No.5 of 2022, article 5, in carrying out its duties, the Indonesian Ministry of Health carries out the following functions:

  • Formulation, determination and implementation of policies in the fields of public health, disease prevention and control, health services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health personnel;;
  • Coordinating the implementation of tasks, coaching and providing administrative support to all organizational elements within the Ministry of Health;
  • Management of state property which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health;
  • Supervision of the implementation of duties within the Ministry of Health;
  • Implementation of technical guidance and supervision over the implementation of Ministry of Health affairs in the regions;
  • Implementation of the formulation and provision of health development policy recommendations;
  • Implementation of substantive support to all elements within the Ministry of Health.