Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat

Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat


Determination of the Logo for the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia aims to:

  1. Strengthening the vision and mission of the Ministry of Health;
  2. Unite the determination, enthusiasm, soul, creativity, feeling and intention of all employees within the Ministry of Health;
  3. Improve the image, authority and public trust in the duties and functions of the Ministry of Health; And
  4. encourage employee performance targets.

1. Three areas of turquoise blue

Symbolizes the three pillars of the Healthy Indonesia program: namely Implementation of the Healthy Paradigm, Strengthening Health Services, and National Health Insurance

2. A bright green field in the shape of a heart

Symbolizes a sincere universal spirit in realizing all Indonesian citizens are healthy regardless of ethnicity, race, social and cultural background

3. Initial "K"

Represents a simple form of the abbreviation of the word "health", the verbal meaning of the scope of work of the Indonesian Ministry of Health

4. Five rounded edges

Representing the values of the Ministry of Health, namely Pro-people, Inclusive, Responsive, Effective and Clean and based on Pancasila

5. Arrow line

Representing the targets and objectives of the Ministry of Health institution, namely realizing the theme of Healthy Indonesia in accordance with Pancasila and Constitution 45, which basically states that health is the right of all Indonesian citizens and is a shared responsibility.

6. Turqoise Blue Color

Symbolizes elements of health, trust and integrity

7. Bright Green Color

Provides a friendly, warm, enthusiastic effect in serving.


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